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Under contract with the Swiss-Qatari equipment manufacturer Burrda Sport during the 2014 World Cup, the Belgian selection has since committed with what could pass as its historical equipment supplier since the Red Devils and adidas have already linked three times ( 1974-1980 / 1982-1991 / 2014-2020). Returning to the German manufacturer, Eden Hazard’s teammates have unveiled their two new outfits for Euro 2016, which they will show during the two friendly matches against Italy first and then against Spain. three days later.

The Home Shirt: And for this new generation of jersey, adidas has just unveiled a two-tone main outfit. We find all the upper part of the jersey in black while the lower part is red, as we had discovered on the 2012 outfit. Another special feature of this jersey, and will be common to all nations under contract with the l German manufacturer, the three bands are now on the flanks and will be yellow to find the third color of the Belgian flag. Color that is also found on the edge of the sleeves. The quality is superior, you want to buy cheap, you can enter our shop: jerseyfootballpascher.

The Outdoor Jersey: It’s definitely a guideline at adidas this year. The home shirt respects the colors, history and DNA of the country while the outer jersey is much more worked and draws its inspiration through a story, a fact, a style. And to draw this second jersey, German designers have simply decided to take inspiration from cycling, because before being a country of football, Belgium is also and above all a country of cycling and Eddy Mercks its standard bearer . We therefore discover an outfit directly drawn on the outfits that Philippe Gilbert and his teammates wear in international competitions with a blue sky-dominated jersey on which we find three horizontal stripes black, yellow and red that make up the Belgian flag. Historically white, this jersey winks at one of the most popular sports in the country should satisfy more than one …

Mini Kit Outdoor Belgium 2016: This Mini Kit includes a jersey and shorts, with round neck for a comfortable fit, shorts with elasticated waist for a comfortable fit, crest of Belgium on the chest and thigh. 100% polyester jersey Round neck with ribbed edges Iconic colors, combined with the street style design, shirt-style jersey that can be worn on the street. Climacool technology: allows optimal regulation of perspiration with mesh inserts under the armpits Design 3 bands on the sides of the Jersey emblem Federation emblem and adidas embroidered Flag Belgium chest on the back of the collar and in the neck. Shorts with elastic waist. Climacool technology: allows optimal regulation of perspiration. Belgian badge sewn on thigh.

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